Dull & Dim

by QSP

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Prurience-obsessed, longface in the dark
off tongueslips down, a dull-dim convalesce confession
once far too late, contemplates an expression
access twist-fit repent, cut. adapt.
our last mosaic incarnation
tempest relent, delete event of best intentions
a fast interred defenceless wreck
approach and cycle first occured aesthetic checks
of past recurred kinetic rest concentric neck
a luma-shift vision fast in the grip of the fear of death
decapod scuttle captures deprecate carapace

Garbler, manipulating a mouthpiece full of trickster spit
pronounces your sentence dry, finds despicable pocket-pick
six watches polar pitch escape reaction lunatic

Interloper stuck-frame, dropped through the fold
"give him air" a whisper shrunk
a fevered tree feels as if it has sunk
appalled the things the sea throws up
body of the first man, a withered trunk
a cluster flushed from the bustup-holsters
clutch pulverised mush, our frustum ceiling under-pulser
the old man's binds run over the shoulder
as east beams push, dissolve and congeal
crushed-in first, left best at the heel

the atmosphere resides a plane vector-net drag
met in approximate orbits as gyro-corrections
offset instead self-melt vesper tangents
and tears a tidal force
flocks fill cloud mid mist collision
not by design, flinch hissed decision
sits apple in the palm, ground swells and day flows
hand-crossed arms trust under your feet grows
presque-protest regretter session
seed the prime, clever impression
we pride our pressed-assessment, yes
we tried we did our best, next question


released June 28, 2009



All tracks written and produced by Joseph Mounsey
except 'Dissolve and Congeal' written and produced by Craig Conyard and Joseph Mounsey

accompanied text by Joseph Mounsey

Cover photography by Craig Thomas




Giant Sighs Antarctica

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