by Giant Sighs

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Lethargy action, insidious sinister pioneer exchanged with child
Peasant Iconochasm, out of mind behind the radiator
On and on, tantrum growth spurt
Amical Umbilicaste visits near health experience

Harvest Fires, hurried exit
"You Owe" carriage concussion
Skinned and thrown to the fire
Writhe and release, a short word then up to the gates


released July 26, 2009

new 27 January 2010


Written and Produced by Joseph Mounsey

Sampling, Keyboards and Synthesis, Guitars, Clarinet, Vocal and Artwork by Joseph Mounsey




Giant Sighs Antarctica

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Track Name: NUMEN

One man put out a mass of heads
homed and raised a great human flood
then with some debacle, made it up to the gates
that Numen, the great white robe and the bristled beard said
"They're fickle and fragile and you've turned them on each other,
my fellowship sins, steeped in sales and unstuck."
kick him in his false teeth
I'm going, back down

Broom stars in the book of silk
roots through ancient scrawl on stone
to prove a scheme as clear in fact
couriers hold a high chair as they shake the reigns
and the sky will come down on our heads
Your early accounts in my own sole volume
and the stammers about the place I'll not mute
all arrange while I'm tall from the floor

Holding these acts in your stomach
will snap your back in two
sat at the door, arms crossed, saw our blockade
and there was caught in conjecture
The ox on her tongue and the wood in your ears