by Giant Sighs

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released September 22, 2009

Written and performed by Joseph Mounsey

Production and Artwork by Joseph Mounsey




Giant Sighs Antarctica

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Track Name: TNFRSF21
Hello child of the swollen sea
Being of great light
Better, Telefactor
But for us a burden

We bore holes through each second jaw
Frozen in the vault of some caved mouth
Memoir tether tracks guest on the cataract stands
Bringing poor results in covered grins
Giving others cutting under numbered neuromelanin

Cull our sudden grimace, old redeemer
Voice hundreds watching over arches
Goad in the tussle of his claudicare sparks attitude
Then break apart

Leave by the black saturate cataclysm
The erasing hole
Date back vowels struck above that gamut prison
Mountain clammer storm patched hulls of backward lettering

EEG burns isoelectric
In strict cell death terms
Parents expatiate expatriate baby-talk
It's uncertain lecture herds a gutter soak strophic form
Shut inflection out worsen balletic countering
Recall the 38th Parallel

They've got you living petrified
While I'm only waiting to adjust
Diametric opposition scare
And a violent run on the offensive

In a dirty city run on pure memetic sets, an outside cause
(in this corrupting case completely judged in second guess)
A uniform of shadows along the scab strip
A clever jury superstition against a backdrop of single-track minds
Surveils the dump behind the mnemochasm's actor underline
Mineblock backscan strips practice at carrier concussion arrivals
Hold out, has time gathered as my self-same attraction smiles?
No evidence attempts to ornament our tenants yet
Except inordinate events called forced experiment duress
Only now a shrill witness spills crest
Bearing arms like a protectorate

Somewhere in the earth repels
Has no one yet touched the planet's surface?
A flourishing, beautiful sphere in space
The terrestrials once developed in remote hovels of the sky,
amassing some time later

And with all the cold conglomerates come vast, deep pits
Dug into the air-surface for their resource faculty
(one beacon of animosity.)
These master arm constructions, subelevation ziggurats
Equipped with bizarre attempts to withstand each clime further down
Face cathartic hazard fractions close to the forest zones
An inopportune loss almost certain for the workforce

I hear of people living in a place unlike this
(mandate colony stuck punctuate unwed sons)
Two angels appear as men to me
They dream strewn bodies over the visible horizon
And scrape their feet on cold floors
They don't say 'it was good'
They say 'so it was, of course'
And instead of really ever letting down
They'd be talking themselves on
Track Name: Tiger Warmth Abasia
stop jumping out at me
about to tear
would you please ask her
so we can get this over

put me in a cold sweat
walking on two feet
calling you by name
quoted off the front
please be right

someone passed him the scapula, it was too fast
i got back in the house, and they dropped through the door

that's when i saw the two backed off in stands
chose against a wall fell over forwards
tend a fringe attempt at him...

his parents won't teach him
i can't understand what you're saying